Yoga with K. La 
  • Shakti Mami

    By you this universe is borne,

    By you this world is created,

    By you it is protected.


    Shakti is the zenith feminine power of the universe. Shakti is the divine force, mother goddess and the source of all. It is gentle, it is fierce. When called upon, Shakti manifests within us as intelligence, instinct, will power, energy, action and ultimately M A G I C.


    This 75min flow is focused on connecting you to your baby and your divine feminine energy. You will learn to awaken your inner goddess and leave with tools to create an informed and empowered birth.


    Subtitle for all gestations and all levels.

    $100 Private

    $80 Semi Private (Per Person)

  • Prana Mama and Me

    When a mother gives birth to her baby, a great bond is created.  Doing yoga with your baby allows you to learn how to deepen that connection to yourself and your baby at the same time. This session will further cultivate and nourish that bond through prana (breathing) and yoga.


    Mother and baby move through poses together as these sessions are very relaxed and playful.


    All babies/toddlers of breastfeeding ages are welcome.

    $100 Private

    $80 Semi Private (Per Mama)

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