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To love is to grieve. When a baby dies, all hope is feels unnatural to outlive your baby. You may experience excruciating pain, anger, guilt, depression but we must remember to move through those feelings. When we refuse to go through and release these emotions it manifests in our physical being. We carry the trauma in the tissues of our bodies, within our womb. The sooner we breathe into this pain, the sooner we emerge. 

In this workshop you will find the hope and strength to begin to heal your womb through movement and pranayama. The flow of movement will release the stagnant energy and ignite your womb. You will reconnect to your womb and learn to love it once again. You will learn to shift the devastating loss of your baby into a transformative growth.

Two weeks into becoming a nurse, I committed to giving bereaved parents the best experience they could have as they went through, what could be, the worst day of their lives. I first began giving back by taking photos of the family during their baby's first and last moments. I am a co-chair on the bereavement committee for Labor and Delivery and an active member of the NICU bereavement committee.  Being a Resolve Through Sharing coordinator allows me to train medical professionals how to appropriately care for patients experiencing this type of loss. Creating a workshop to facilitate womb healing through yoga and breathing was the driving force that led me to become a certified prenatal yoga instructor.

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