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Why I love Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards is a monthly auto ship program that makes ditching those toxin filled products for non toxic, plant based products easy and rewarding! You earn rewards points for every monthly purchase you make!

Months 0-3 earn 10% back

Months 4-24 earn 20% back

Months 25 and beyond earn 25% back

You can redeem your points by making "One Time Orders"

Each month Young Living offers promos on a tiered system for more freebies!

Young Living even sends you a gift every 3 months for the first year you are on essential rewards!

No monthly fee.

Cancel at any time.



When will it ship?

You pick, its completely customizable!

What comes in my order?

You get to customize it each month! We have everything from household cleaning products, make up, supplements, oils, skincare and more!

Is there a minimum spending requirement?

Yes, 50PV (personal volume) monthly which is roughly $50. I just reallocate the money I used to spend at Target on soap, shampoo, toothpaste, supplements, etc. to my ER order instead. 

Not a member yet? Click here to enroll

and sign up for Essential Rewards

Already a member? Sign into your Virtual Office, click "ER Monthly Order" and start ditching and switching!

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