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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the lifeblood of the plant. They protect the plant from disease, provide nutrients and repel insects. The powerful plant medicine can support your body, mind and spirit in incredible ways! Essential Oils can help eliminate toxins, support every system in your body, pass through the blood brain barrier, promote healthy emotional wellness, are a great alternative to chemical/toxic fragrances and more!

How fast do oils work? 

22 seconds

the molecules reach the brain

2 minutes

They will be found in the bloodstream

20 minutes

they will affect every cell in the body


Member vs Retail Customer

Wholesale Member

Grab your starter kit for $165 (retails for $400) and anything Young Living offers, you can get for 24% off! The Premium Starter kit comes with:

+ 12 everyday essential oils

+ Diffuser of your choice (My faaaave is the        Aria- wood + glass)

+ Thieves hand sanitizer

+ 2 roller filaments

+ 2 NingXia Red packets

+ Welcome packet from meeee

+ You'll be added to all of our education groups and our oily community so you can learn how to safely and effectively use your oils.



Retail Customer

Buy any oils at retail cost. 

(pay 24% more than a wholesale customer).

  • No obligation to purchase a starter kit.

  • The retail option makes it easy to buy a few oils and products.

  • I always recommend and encourage people to look at the premium starter kit as the savings and benefits are unmatched!

  • Order whenever you like, no order minimum, and no annual renewal fee.

  • Option to enroll in Essential Rewards, monthly customizable autoship program that gives you 10%, 20% and 25% back on your purchases. (in addition to your wholesale pricing!)

  • Wholesale customers receive a referral link. If your friends and family purchase their starter kit using your link, Young Living sends you $50 cash!

  • Becoming a wholesale member does NOT mean that you are signing up to sell oils, and there is never any pressure to "do the business" (although, once you discover how awesome they are, it will be hard not to tell your friends!).

  • Over $250 savings!


Choose your diffuser

Left to Right:

  • Desert Mist ($165)

  • Dew Drop ($165)

  • Rainstone ($210)

  • Aria ($265)

Photo by Elise Meader

12 Everyday Oils

  • Lemon— home cleaning, and purifying the air

  • Valor— sense of confidence, courage and calming

  • Digize— digestive support

  • Thieves— daily immune support

  • Peppermint— digestion, nausea, headaches

  • Stress away— relaxation

  • Citrus fresh— uplifting, freshens the air

  • Raven— respiratory support

  • Frankincense— grounding, skin support

  • Lavender— sleep, stress, skin, calming

  • Panaway—tired muscles, aches & pains

  • Peace & calming— all the calming for mamas and kiddos, great before naps or bedtime!

Ready to join us?!

Follow these 5 easy steps to start your wellness journey!

1. Click here and select Member (24% off) or Retail Customer

2. Choose your diffuser (Pro Tip: this is the cheapest way to grab my fave, the Aria)

3. Optional and Encouraged: Sign up for Essential Rewards (Customizable monthly wellness box). This is absolutely my faaave part of Young Living. You get so many perks and freebies! If you choose to sign up for Essential Rewards be sure to check the box that states "Use the selected Premium Starter Kit as my first Essential Rewards order and sign me up for an Essential Rewards subscription" this will get you 10 free points towards free products + whatever the promo is that month. Learn more about why I love Essential Rewards!

4. Enter your name, all your info and create an account. Make sure to write down your username, password and pin number so that you can access your Virtual Office when you're ready to set up your next ER or purchase!

5. Confirm and check out! 

Yay! I'm so excited to be on this journey with you! 
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