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Educating and empowering women through their peaceful transition to motherhood by integrating experience as a Labor and Delivery nurse with holistic practices, all while capturing this sacred journey to unveil the magic within yourself.

Hi, I'm Kayla

My passion is fueled by creating, educating and empowering women through the most magical and life altering transition to motherhood! I feel so lucky to be able to hold this space for you! Take a look around and let me know how I can serve you!

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Embrace Your Journey

Capturing the love, the laughs and the light.

Prenatal Yoga

Educating and empowering women to embrace the beautiful journey to motherhood through yoga, holistic and evidence based practices. Preparing mamas for an empowered and informed birth.

Heal Your Womb

You were their first home.

To love is to grieve. When a baby dies all hope is lost. We must remember to move through all of the emotions that arise from the loss of your baby. When we refuse to release these emotions it manifests in our physical being. The sooner we breathe into this pain, the sooner we emerge.

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